Hire and Style gets a little bit more delicious with Dine Delivered.

You’re hosting a dinner party next weekend; you’ve got your best silverware out of the cupboard, your candelabra and lanterns are booked with Hire and Style, you’ve just managed to find the perfect dress to wear, but you’ve still no idea what to cook or how you’ll get everything done by the end of the week with Bella’s ballet recital on Thursday, and Henry’s rugby trials on Friday.


Don’t relate? How about this; Christmas is on the horizon and in the last four years you’ve managed to get away with going to your Mother’s house, Mother-In-Law’s house, Brother’s house, and Sister’s house for Christmas, and you’re yet to receive an invite for this year so you know all eyes are on you to host all 18 family members over 3 days. Your house will be picture perfect as everything from your faux fur throws to your Christmas baubles are booked in with Hire and Style, but you can’t face spending 2 weeks in the kitchen.


I assume now you’re feeling the very anxiety that we’ve all faced at one time or another, when we have to play the perfect host with no time or no clue!


Or perhaps your dilemma is none of the above, and actually you just desperately want to host your friends, maybe for a birthday party, house warming, or just because it’s that time of year, and you want to provide more than a supermarket freezer canape selection but don’t want the cost of, (or even the perception of), bringing in a caterer. You’re looking for easy and affordable yet amazing and beautiful Instagram-able canapes to match your Pinterest worthy velvet fronted bar and blossom tree set up.


Enter Dine Delivered, Hire and Style’s newest find and perfect companion.


Dine Delivered is a relatively new addition to the catering scene. It is a flexible service for customers who want to order delicious food for entertaining and events, straight to their front door.


They’ve made the process so simple and efficient that within 5 minutes you can have your next dinner party or Christmas dinner booked, without breaking the bank. Anxiety gone! Simply enter your delivery date, event style, special diets and food preferences, and the system will provide you with the perfect menu for your event. They even have an ‘e-Sommelier’ who will expertly pair wines with your selected dishes.


If you can’t tell, we’re very excited about this new find, and now can’t wait to host our next dinner parties.


Hire And Style ft. Dine Delivered, to be continued…


Watch this space for future collaborations.


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