Here are our top 5 wedding favours your guests will really want and will remember.

Let it shine:

They say that memories are linked with scents. Light some candles at the wedding and give personalised candles with the same scent as favours. You and your guests will be able to relive your special day over and over.

Something Sweet:

Yes, we know sugared almonds are sooo 1989 but why not box up some of your favourite sweets or some macaroons for them to enjoy later and remember the oh so sweet memories from your big day.

A drink on you:

If you and your groom are big drinkers, likelihood is your guests are too. Go off piste and toast with a shot of your favourite spirit or liqueur rather than the traditional champs. These mini bottles of Patron will definitely get the party started.

Spread the love:

A small pack of seeds for your guests to plant is the perfect eco-friendly favour. Once planted, the flowers will bloom and grow – just like your love.

Keep them cool:

Summer and destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular, but there’s nothing worse than a (slightly damp) over-heated future in-law coming in for a ‘welcome to the family’ hug. Keep ‘em cool with a personalised fan.

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